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We're very proud of the community we've created over the years and thank the thousands of families who have recommended Burnside KinderGym to their family and friends throughout our journey.  These are just a few words expressing how people feel about our program and why our staff love to work here.


Kindergym is an important part of my grandchildren’s life. 


They have developed social and physical skills and their confidence in our sessions is a delight to see.


I have made new friends with other grandparents and with the young mums.


Kindergym is a fun way to begin learning important life skills. 


I have been attending Burnside Kindergym with my almost 2 year old son since he started walking. It’s been a great experience to see his physical skills develop through coming here as well as his social skills in interacting with other children.


Having a structured environment where you see the changes in him each week has been great and having qualified leaders to talk with helps ease any concerns you may have around their development.


Having that time every week that is real quality time with my child is great.


Burnside Kindergym has been a part of our family for almost 8 years now.

Our two children have looked forward to the different weekly themes and activities and as a stay at home mother it has been a valuable opportunity for them to interact with similar aged children.

They have loved the opportunity to build their physical confidence both individually as well as participating in group time in a fun and welcoming environment with skilled and experienced coaches.

Personally, I have enjoyed the special one on one time playing with my children at Kindergym each week along with the connections that I have made with other Kindergym families.


It is Floyd's favourite activity of the week.


Sometimes he says to me on a non-Kindergym day: "Dad, I want to go to Kindergym."


And on the day of Kindergym he says: "I want to go to Kindergym now!"  (Even though it is still a few hours before the class starts).

Burnside KinderGym term theme fun with imaginative play and fine motor skills


We have been coming to Burnside Kindergym since 2013; my third child has just started her Kindergym journey.


My children and I have met many people during this time and made some valuable friendships. The staff are friendly and take pride in tailoring programs to help the children learn and enjoy themselves.


Kindergym has helped my children to develop confidence and skills in climbing, balancing and other activities and we have learnt how to do these safely. We look forward to our classes each week as we know we will have fun and spend some treasured time together.  

Burnside KinderGym term theme fun with imaginative play and fine motor skills


I've been a coach at Burnside KinderGym for nearly 10 years now and on the committee for 13 years.  One of the things that stands out for me is the extremely low turnover of staff - a sign of an amazing place to work.


Seeing the children grow, learn and develop from babies to little people starting school is the most wonderful experience and I'm thankful I get to share that with families who become friends along the way.


I'm extremely proud to be Club President, a role I've held for 10 years now.  This is the most welcoming community organisation I've been involved with and truly a place for everyone.

Burnside KinderGym term theme fun with imaginative play and fine motor skills


Being a part of Burnside Kindergym for over 20 years, there has always been one constant - the leaders are passionate about their job and know that “learning through play” will never change.


It is such a positive and caring environment that provides  stimulus and challenges for all children of all abilities and personalities.


To see children’s faces light up when they achieve something gives me enormous joy – and they're not even my children!

Burnside KinderGym term theme fun with imaginative play and fine and gross motor skills


Burnside Kindergym is wonderful, it has really helped my son develop his gross motor skills and confidence.


The way the team support every child and make them feel special is beautiful and a real joy to watch. I have been coming to Burnside Kindergym for 5 years, first with my son and now with my daughter and I find getting to know the other parents really makes me feel more connected to our local area. 


I recommend Burnside Kindergym to all parents of young children, you won't find a more supportive and enriching activity for you and your child.


I have been working at Burnside Kindergym for four years and I absolutely love it! 


My career at Burnside Kindergym began after completing my Bachelor Degree in Human Movement, however my love for working at Burnside Kindergym and with the children who attend there began when I was fortunate to be provided a work experience placement during my university studies. 

My human movement knowledge has enabled me to successfully work with, engage with and help young children learn and develop their fundamental movement skills through fun activities, exploration and play at Kindergym. 

Burnside Kindergym is a wonderful work place and a fantastic environment that enables opportunities for continual learning and self-development, the freedom to explore and be creative, and to build a rapport with the children and their families. 

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