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Do I need to book?

Yes, as some of our sessions are full, it is necessary to book a come and try, casual or make up session.  Just contact the KinderGym via phone or email to book your session.

What do I need to bring to KinderGym?

Just a water bottle.  Please ensure children are dressed in appropriate clothes such as leggings, shorts or track suit pants.  No dresses or tights for KinderGym.

Do you have car parking?

Yes, we have a car park at the rear of our building.  Entry is off Howard Street via Reedy Lane (next to the tennis Courts).  Parking is also available on Howard and Brand Streets.

Can I bring more than one child to KinderGym?

Yes, the ratio of 1:1 adult and child is ideal, however realistically this is not always possible and we accept that sometimes it needs to be a 1:2 adult and child ratio.  However 3 children would most definitely need an additional adult.

My children are different ages, which session should we come to?

We usually recommend going to the session for the older child's age group and taking the younger child along.  We find this ensures the older child is still challenged and the younger siblings are very keen to take part with the "big kids".

What happens if I miss a session?

If your child is sick or you are unable to attend one of your normal sessions, just contact the KinderGym via phone or email and we can book in a make up class for you.  Please note that make up sessions do not carry over to the next term.

Can I bring school age children to KinderGym?

While we understand it can be tricky with pupil free days, we ask that you make your older child aware that they will not be able to go on the equipment while they're visiting KinderGym.

Should you have an older child home sick from school, we ask that you not bring them with you to KinderGym and book in a make up session instead.

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