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Your passion is our passion - helping our children have the best start in life.  Movement and play are such important components of a child's development and at Burnside KinderGym they get to do both.   


Using themes, music and imagination, we will encourage your child to move, learn, play, develop gross motor and fine motor skills, interact with other children, grow in confidence and get to explore risk in a safe way. 

We will not only teach the children new skills but also encourage adults to learn techniques and tips to help their children without "doing" for their children.  Parents and caregivers are a very important part of the KinderGym experience and just your presence alone can give your child the confidence to try something new.

Since 1982 we have been a part of the local community and supporting families in their KinderGym journey.  We are a volunteer run, not for profit community group and are very appreciative of the support we get from our KinderGym families and volunteers.

We hope to welcome you soon - Come and move, learn and play the Burnside KinderGym way!


Burnside KinderGym Values


The Burnside KinderGym Management Committee is very proud of the values we have adopted as an organisation.  These reflect the core values of our KinderGym and the way we choose to run our program.

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